Name: Ashley Oliva
Pen Name: Ahro
D.O.B: March 30th, 1987
Western Sign: Aries
Eastern Sign: Fire Rabbit

Location: Florida

Family: Father, Mother, Younger Sister, Birds, Dogs, Fish
Birthplace: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts

Bio: My interest in anime and manga first ignited back in 1998 when my best friend, Andrea, introduced me to Sailor Moon. As for every anime fan, the desire to draw flared. I can safely say the first time I picked up a pencil to begin drawing my own characters was in '98, I was in 5th grade.

I first started drawing comic book style was not to long ago. I knew about the ever popular online manga Megatokyo but I never got around to reading it, untill the summer of 2003. As soon as I finished Fred's comic I was instantly inspired to draw my own.

It all started with S.O.U.P. or Spontanious Outbursts Uttered Politely. It was a comic that was going to be based around a road trip through the US with me and by best bud, Andrea. Of course this was a decent idea at the time but the fact that I was now living in Florida and she was still residing in Massachusetts meant a lot of late night phone calls. It didin't last all to long.

Since then I have authored 5 comics. Some co-authored some all by myself. I can tell you right now, none of them have surpassed 15 pages. What makes Faerie Tales different from the others is that the story itself in written format surpasses 150 pages, unedited. Not to mention the story is completly finished, cover to cover! Talking from experience, having an entire story already done and then bringing it to comic form makes the storyboarding a hell of a lot easier.


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