Name: E. Timberlake
Pen Name: Brady
D.O.B: January 2, 1987
Western Sign: Capricorn
Eastern Sign: Fire Rabbit
Location: Flooooorida

Family: Sister, mom, dad, two dogs, three cats.
Birthplace: Cape Coral, Florida
Hometown: Cape Coral, Florida (I don't move. Got the concept yet?)

Bio: According to my mother, father, etc, etc, I started writing and drawing when I was as young as Kindergarden. I wasn't good at drawing, however, and my writing resembled chicken scratch. Like Ahro, I had a friend introduce me to Anime via Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon when I was in the seventh grade - she was also my first friend ever.

Since then, I've been surrounded by creative forces and, being a capricorn, if I could not be the best at one thing, I'd be the best at something else. I can't draw very well (as you can see by Ahro's an my pictures - I did them) so I wrote like mad hell. Faerie Tales: Life of a Reaper was my first story to be typed and written, found on my personal website at the time.

I can't draw men. And I wanted this story to become more 'real' after a reader told me they couldn't invision the character. Granted, it was a fanfiction he was in at the time, but I still took it to heart. So after meeting Ahro (through a mutual but different Andrea), and being friends with her for nearly a year now, I asked her to draw this story for me. She's added some much needed information and some comic expertise in which I would be lost without, so it's fair to say we're both the author and the artist - I help her draw kids when she tells me how to expand a scene.

I wrote the originial story when I was only fifteen - it's over a hundred pages when unedited. I'm editing it now - by the time this comic is halfway through (which will take a year or two), I'm hoping to have it finished, even as I enter college.

So have fun, my friends. Immerse yourself in this tale of A Simple Life - because, as we all know, not everything has to be complicated. Or happy.


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