Kate: The main Characters familier. She's a middle school girl who can see Mary, but not TMC (The Main Character). A cheerful girl into all things 'mystic' with a mother and a younger brother, along with a pet dog named Steve. We now know her as Kate.

The Main Character (TMC): A rather stoic, sarcastic man. We're slowly learning his name and his past in the comic. All we know thus far is that he is a faerie, with a dumb mother and has lots of scars. Where from? That's what we get to find out!
Mary: TMC's best friend (we guess), she has a son and is kind of chubby for her breed. Covered in frequently moving Tattoos (which will be explained later), her favorite color is green and she's quite fond of stories. TMC has been known to call her RedWing as well as Mary - a family name? Or a nickname?
TMC Mother: A whimsical young Faerie girl who gives birth to a baby boy in the rain. She married into the Drago Family (the Vazil's) and thus has become highly superstitious, which is why she abandons her child. Pretty and rather childish at times.
TMC Father: A Drago man, a familier in the human world. As far as we know, he didn't know about his child being born at all. Probably goodhearted, but as superstitious as the rest of his Clan.
Traitor: A legendary man who did something horrendously bad to make TMC's mother panic.
Rasp: A whore who works at Muk's brothel. Due to his firey nature, he's not the most popular of the 'girls' at the place. Thus, he was given the chore as the main characters caregiver until he was old enough to work or to be sold to someone else. Rasp is a genuine grumpy-man-with-a-heart-of-gold.
Muk: The man who bought the main character from his mother, fresh from the womb! He's the owner of a brothel and really, not a BAD guy just....well, he's in it for profit. Not to say that his emotions can't be swayed but when a large bundle of gold is in his way... You get the point.
Twain: The leader of the mercenary group and the man who bought the main character from under Rasp's nose. He is NOT a pediphile, despite what the Nymph says. He's a responsible adult Twain and yes, he's furry. He's also part of a hugely strong (and psychic) race who don't enjoy their tail being tugged on. On a whole, not a bad guy but personality is definately not his winning point.
Nymph: She's a nymph! With no clothing save for her plants. ...Yeah, we know. She'll get a better bio when she comes into play more. Right now we know she likes teasing her boss about being a pedo when he knows he isn't.
Drago: A rather snarky (very powerful) mercenary dragon who chose to work under the Twain. He's tall, has a braid and is currently boning someone in the group!
Elf:...he stands there and looks pretty. Really, we don't know much more then that. And he's screwing the Drago.
Pegi: Again, we don't know much - he stands there and looks pretty!

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