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By: Vera
Comments: *psyched* Mary looks awesome in this pic! I love her expression and the style is just way cool~! ~Ahro

By: Nea
Comments: Oh wow! Nea did some wonderful artwork of Reap, all in oekaki too! He's such a cutie. Just chillin out in the rain. ^_^ ~Ahro

By: B1uesy
Comments: OMFG! Reap is friggin SHMEXY in this pic! <3's all over him. Absolutely fantastic. We have such talented friends. ^__^ Thank you so much for this wonderful piece Bluesy! See you at school. XP ~Ahro

By: Roman Wunderlich
Roman, you're just to good to us. Yet another beauty. Poor Flame. He's just so cute you can't help but molest him. XP And isn't Sel e' no just the hottie. ^_-

By: Sloth
Comments: Fabulous work, Sloth. Really loving the expression Muk's got on. He looks so tall in this picture, when he's actually only like 4ft 7in. XD Thank you so much! ~Ahro

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