Faeries: Faeries are a race of beauty and elegance, often considered the epitimy of cultural grace. Run by Queen Kidera for the last three hundred or so years, a monarchy has supposed to have reached glory at last.


As ruthless as they are beautiful, Faeries have nearly no sexual boundaries and no qualms against killing an enemy - even in the same breath. It is said that he two most dangerous mercenaries out there were Faeries, born and bred in Avalon. Currently, Avalon is the ruling power of the Worlds, controlling a large army and plentiful natural resources.

Dragos: Another monarchy in these mystical realms, Dragos are one of the many species that can mutate between their natural 'animalistic' form and another, more humanoid form.

The animalistic form is very big, very scaly and usually very colorful; the dragon stays the same color from the first breath of life (they're born from eggs) to the very last breath of life (until they fade into an ugly gray shade after they die). The color represents what type of magick they can use - red for fire, green for earth, etc, etc.

Humanoid forms have skin tones ranging from peaches and cream to the darkest black imaginable, with a hue from their animal forms hanging over them. Their hair usually matches the color of their animal form.

They are violent and are very good at magick, excellent in the scholastic thingamabobs and are strong to the point of pain for many other mortals.

Please, do not piss off a dragon. For you are crunchy and taste good with Ketchup.

Twains: Twains are small and fluffy, with three eyes, cat ears, a furry tail and a roman/greek taste when it comes to clothing.

They are a part of a female-dominated culture and the males are bred to be even SMALLER. However, a genetic defunct has left the girls tall and leggy and floofy, like a housecat, leaving the males smaller, sleeker and with an amazingly powerful ability to mind read and control objects via their mind.

They're basically neutral when it comes to affairs of the state and have no set place to live - they are the gypsies of the magical universe.

Don't cross a Twain. They can kill you by just flicking at you with their magical fingers. When it comes to leading parties, they are usually in charge of it, whether the party is a merecenary group, a war army or something just as silly as a real party, as they are wily, cheap and can see profit where others just see something like a whore-to-be.

Pegi: The Pegi are a female dominated race. Unlike other cultures where, if a female looked at you cruelly, you could be in for a beating or worse, the Pegi females control their men by with-holding sexual favors.

Yes, you read me correctly - the females control breeding, thus assuring that only the well-endowed or the men good with their hands pass on their genes to the next generation.

As a goverment, they wander about in bands, females outnumbering the males and generally being a peaceful community due to that fact. There IS a part in their kingdom where the 'higher classed' Pegi congrugate; being vain creatures attracted to beauty (hence the lack of wings when humanoid - feathered wings indicate ugly, ugly Paiges), they gather around their royal family for parties and dancing and other such things that render actual governing obsolete.

Basically? A world of satyrs. Enjoy your stay.

*note on art: humanoid Pegi do not have tails, the tail in the image is acutally apart of the horse form in the background of the full image*

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